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Tony Manne portrait

Tony Manne

Tony Manne spent over 30 years of his career with Columbia Pictures, for whom he served in Italy, France, Portugal and as General Manager in Brazil. He was elevated to the position of European regional supervisor in 1981, and then Executive Vice President for International Distribution and Marketing in 1989.

Additionally, Tony created and managed Brazil’s pioneer art-house distribution and exhibition company, Grupo Nacional de Diversões, based in Rio de Janeiro. He also served as a partner and manager of the independent international film sales organization, JAD Films, representing independent filmmakers, including Brian de Palma and John Carpenter.

The Duel

The Duel

Producer: Mary Bing, Donald Rosenfeld
Director: Dover Kosashvili
Cinematography: Paul Sarossy
Starring: Andrew Scott, Fiona Glascott, Tobias Menzies
Music: Angelo Milli
Running Time: 95’
Year of Production: 2010

Anton Chekhov’s The Duel is a sumptuous literary adaptation from the director of Late Marriage and the Academy Award®-nominated producer of Howards End and The Remains of the Day.

Based on a short story by the great Russian playwright, The Duel deals with a passion that has turned to dust in the hot sun, and the animosity between two men with opposing philosophies of life.


Warhol (2 x 2 hours or 4 x 1 hour)

The Duel

Producer: Donald Rosenfeld, Daniel Wolf
Director: Ric Burns
Running Time: 2 x 2 hours, or 4 x 1 hour
Year of Production: 2006

Director, Writer (with James Sanders) and Producer (with Donald Rosenfeld and Daniel Wolf) Ric Burns’s portrait of the most resoundingly influential American artist of the second half of the twentieth century. Combining on-camera interviews and never-before-seen still and archival motion picture footage, the film was the first to explore the complete spectrum of Andy Warhol’s astonishing artistic output, stretching across five decades from the late 1940's, to his untimely death in the 1980's.

Described the film as “Hypnotic, powerful and revealing” and “entirely absorbing, revelatory portrait of a brilliant talent driven to greatness by an inner chorus of demons and angels.”

A Co-Production of Steeplechase Films, Daniel Wolf, High Line Productions and Thirteen/WNET New York.

AWARDS: George Foster Peabody Award,
Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for Nonfiction Programming,
Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Nonfiction Series: American Masters

Visionaries - Jonas Mekas and the
(mostly) American Avant-Garde Cinema


Producer: Chuck Workman
Director: Chuck Workman
Running Time: 90’
Year of Production: 2010

The latest film by producer/director/editor Chuck Workman is a tribute to the spirit and career of Jonas Mekas, who has been described as the “Godfather” of avant-garde cinema as well as a filmmaker who has been an inspiration to so many artists.   VISIONARIES – JONAS MEKAS AND THE (MOSTLY) AMERICAN AVANT-GARDE CINEMA covers the work of Andy Warhol, Kenneth Anger, Stan Brakhage, Ken Jacobs, and Peter Kubelka, to name a few.

jonas mekasJonas Mekas’ films have continued to receive major festival prizes since the award of the Grand Prize at the Venice Film Festival for THE BRIG in 1963 right to the present, when he completed a series of 365 short films intended for release on the internet, one film per day. In addition to his work as a filmmaker, Mekas is also renowned as a poet, educator, and for his Anthology Film Archives in New York, one of the world’s largest and most important repositories of avant-garde cinema.

“A passion for the avant-garde” is how the New York Times describes Chuck Workman.   chuck workmanOscar-winning editor and director of SUPERSTAR (a documentary on Andy Warhol) and THE SOURCE, a film about the Beat poets, Workman’s film contributions are regularly seen by literally millions of people from major theatrical feature films, documentaries, the annual Oscar presentations, and even Michael Jackson concert films.


That Cold Day in the Park

hat Cold day in the Park Poster<empty>

Producer: Donald Factor, Leon Mirell
Director: Robert Altman
Cinematography: Laszlo Kovacs
Starring: Sandy Dennis, Michael Burns, Susanne Benton
Music: Johnny Mandel
Running Time: 106’
Year of Production: 1969

Available in High Definition

Robert Altman’s unconventional “psycho-thriller” film about a spinster (Sandy Dennis) who meets a handsome young man pretending to be mute (Michael Burns) and takes him home.  She then imprisons the boy, yet at the same time dutifully caters to his every need – including supplying a prostitute for his sexual pleasure.



Producer: Harry N. Blum, George Litto
Director: Brian De Palma
Cinematography: Vilmos Zsigmond
Starring: Cliff Robertson, Genevieve Bujold, John Lithgow
Music: Bernard Hermann
Running Time: 107'
Year of Production: 1976

Available in High Definition

Cliff Robertson portrays an American businessman whose wife and child are killed in a botched kidnap rescue effort. Years later, while in Italy, the still-distraught widower begins an affair with a woman (Genevieve Bujold) whose resemblance to his late wife is rather uncanny. The screenplay was co-written by Paul Schrader (TAXI DRIVER, RAGING BULL). Brian De Palma (DRESSED TO KILL, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE) directs this cinematic homage to Hitchcock’s VERTIGO.


Over the Edge

Over the Edge

Producer: George Litto
Director: Johnathan Kaplan
Starring: Matt Dillon
Running Time: 95'
Year of Production: 1979

Available in High Definition

Jonathan Kaplan directs this hot-blooded cult classic (a 1979 London Film Festival outstanding Film Award winner) about kids left to discover their own values and coming up with enough drugs, booze and discontent to push everyone Over the Edge.

Fourteen-year-old Matt Dillon makes his screen debut as the kids' charismatic, doomed leader Richie. The soundtrack by Van Halen, The Ramones, Cheap Trick and others provide the film's rock-'n'-roll heart.

"Terrific. One of the best movies to date about the generation gap. Script, photography and performances are all top-notch." - Geoff Andrew, TIME OUT FILM GUIDE


God is Brazilian

God is brazilian

Producer: Renata de Almeida Magalhaes
Director: Carlos Diegues
Starring: Antonio Fagundes, Paloma Duarte, Wagner Moura, Bruce Gomlevsky
Running Time: 110'
Year of Production: 2002

God searches for a replacement so that he can take a much needed vacation. Brazil's biggest comedy of the year.

Based on Joao Ubaldo Ribeiro's short story 'O Santo Que Nao Acreditava em Deus' (the Saint that didn't Believe in God).



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